Why we make popcorn the way we make it

Because Popcorn is Childhood in a Bag

The crisp fall air, the golden leaves falling, the sound of carousel music, children laughing, the bells of carnival games, hawkers barking, the smell of fresh sawdust, barn animals, and hot buttered popcorn?

Yeah, we can remember it, too.

And that’s exactly what Payshee’s Popcorn brings to you: your childhood, and the chance to pass it along to your own children, and grandchildren…

Because who doesn’t love POPCORN!?

The Best Popcorn We Can Make because that's what WE want to eat!

We do things a bit different at Payshee's Popcorn. We set out, from the beginning, to make the very best popcorn we could make without breaking the bank.

ORGANIC when Possible, Natural Always

Our ultimate dream is to serve only organic ingredients. We are always striving to reach that goal.

We pop certified organic popcorn, only.
We don't want to eat chemicals, and we figure you don't, either. We pop it in organic, virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed Coconut Oil. We think it tastes better, and quite frankly, buttery.

For salt, we use Pink Himalayan Salt (for most of our flavors), because it is cleaner than any other salt on the planet (having been oceanic salt long before the invention of plastic). We also use Isabel Street Heat's Habanero Salt for our West Side Taco and Notcho Mama flavors.

For our kettle corn flavors we use only organic cane sugar. For our holiday caramel corn we use organic, light brown cane sugar.

We NEVER use ingredients with gluten or nuts. (Some of our flavors are mixed in a non-gluten free kitchen)

We know of no other popcorn company on the planet with the standards we hold. We've looked; they just aren't out there.

We believe better ingredients make better popcorn. We hope you'll try us, and agree. Then tell all your friends!

Love, Payshee n Steve