If you don't see the answer to your question, please contact us! paysheespopcorn@gmail.com

    • When and How do you ship?
      • We offer shipping and local pickup when we are in production. We do not have a regular production schedule.
      • We inform our email list and social media followers when we are in production and offer pre-orders for many of our flavors.
      • Sign up for our Very Important Popcorn Eaters Registry for notifications!
    • What is your return policy?
      • Payshee wants EVERY customer to be happy. That's why she makes popcorn! If anything is not to your satisfaction, please let us know as soon as possible.
      • We have a 30 day guarantee on all our products.
      • Simply contact us (paysheespopcorn@gmail.com) and we will give you something of equal or lesser value, or refund your money completely (including shipping). 
    • When do you make caramel corn?
      • Payshee offers her world famous caramel corn every December, and opens up for Pre-orders in late October.
      • She also offers it as a premium product for catering. See our Catering Page for more info on that and the menu!
    • I love Cheese popcorn! Can I order it?
      • Payshee does make three different cheese blends.
      • We sometimes offer it for pre-order to be picked up at one of our live events. Join our Very Important Popcorn Eaters Registry, or keep an eye out on our home page, or follow us on Facebook & Instagram
      • We also offer it for Catering, in our Party Dozens. See our Catering Page for more information!