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PRE-ORDER NOW, for Dec 7th!

Holiday lights sparkle in snow covered trees. The ringing of bells through the frozen air, and the scent of butter, brown sugar, and real Madagascar Bourbon vanilla waft through the room...

It must be December. Payshee is making caramel corn... and no one makes it better...

Chewy, crunchy caramel corn is the perfect gift for the holidays!

Whether in its purist form as Payshee's Magic Caramel, or her December Decadence, mixed with gluten-free pretzel pieces, and drizzled with organic, free-trade white and dark chocolate, OR the classic mix of caramel and smoky, Easy Cheesy au Gratin in her Saint Paul Holiday Suite, you simply MUST have some, or the holidays aren't complete.

And while you're at it, make sure to send some to your family, friends, coworkers, employees, clients, and possibly your crabby neighbor across the street??

Payshee handcrafts this stuff in very small batches: 2 gallons of popcorn at a time. Every year, in early December, she assembles family and friends to help. We make all of it in just two days. That's why we only take pre-orders. Get it now, or wait till next December!

REMEMBER: This is a PRE-ORDER, for shipment or pickup (if you're local) the week of December, 7th, 2021. Single bags are for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. The gift boxes can be picked up, or shipped to your friends and family in the Continental U.S.

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