How about popcorn for your Twin Cities Wedding?


Your wedding day is a big deal…

Months of planning, stress, blood, sweat and tears go into it

The more tears and planning, the bigger it seems to get…

kinda like a three ring Circus, 

     Or is yours starting to feel more like a crazy carnival freakshow?

There're all the questions:

    Where will we hold it?

How does one actually pick out a dress?? 

Who will officiate? 

What kind of flowers? 

Who’s in the wedding party?

Which one of my ‘besties’ will be maid of honor?

   The best man just ran off with our photographer…and our money…

Do I have to invite Joe just because he’s roommates with Kevin?

  Who do we sit troublesome Cousin Eddie with? 

           Is he gonna wear that baby blue leisure suit again?

                  Where’s he gonna park his RV?

Am I gonna have to sell a kidney to pay for all of this??


Then there’s the cake, and the food…

But Aunt Edna can’t eat gluten!

Uncle Ernie breaks out in hives if a walnut truck drives by outside, in the winter, with the windows shut…

Suzie won’t eat anything that once had eyes, or a mother…

Your Tunnel of Love is turning in to a House of Horrors!

“Why not popcorn?” your future spouse utters, as he stuffs his face with another handful of Old Fangled KettleCorn…

“What?” you ask, tossing the wedding magazine on the coffee table. “Really?? Popcorn?”

“Ja,” he says, “Apparently, it’s like a thing?” 

Half the handful cascades to the floor. The new puppy snaps it up before your cat can bat it around like a plastic milk jug ring…


He’s right, wedding popcorn is a thing!

Not the fake-butter, toxic stuff you get at the theater these days, or that comes in the micro-wave bag, but REAL popcorn… gourmet & organic.

“It doesn’t have nuts,” your groom-to-be says, still crunching on popcorn, and feeding the puppy.

         Ernie, check...

“and corn doesn’t have gluten,” he continues.

    Even Edna can eat it...

“Some of it is even vegan!” 

    No eyes, or mom—that’ll make Suzie happy! 

“Eddie’ll eat anything…”

“True,” you mumble, desperately trying to purge the vision of Eddie in his blue suit cramming popcorn into his gaping maw from your racing mind…

Maybe we can even find a gourmet, organic popcorn company right here in town? 

But how would we serve it?

As the thought joins the chorus of voices your mind, one voice rings about above them all…

It’s Aunt Payshee, “Hey! Popcorn makes everyone happy! And I know just how to do it!”

Here’s Four Fun ways you can serve Popcorn at your Twin Cities Wedding: 

1. An Organic Popcorn Bar!

Have a local, gourmet popcorn shop, or mobile popcorn stand (like Payshee’s Popcorn), come set up a buffet table: a popcorn bar, with three or four flavors to choose from.

wedding popcorn bar twin cities

(Keep the choices low (four or less is best). Otherwise, Eddie will hang up the bar line trying to decide between Bit o’ Heat and West Side Taco). Your guests can scoop their own, or you can have someone serve them: super fancy! 

2. Wedding Favor Popcorn!
Order a bunch of small snack bags of Old Fangled KettleCorn and put them in big baskets or galvanized buckets so guests can grab a bag on the way out. You can even personalize the labels with your names and the date of the event, so your friends and family will think of you as they’re snacking later that night.

3. Wedding Party Popcorn Gifts!
Does anyone really need another engraved whiskey flask? Well, Eddie would probably find room for it in his leisure suit, but who else? Instead, give your wedding attendants something tasty that doesn’t require space in their luggage, and won’t collect dust on a shelf back home. Popcorn rarely makes it to the pantry. 

4. Live Popcorn Popping, County Fair style!

Have Aunt Payshee bring her whole kit-n-kaboodle, kettlecorn rig,

wedding kettle corn twin citiesunder her candy-striped, circus tent to pop the popcorn right there, at your actual wedding! She and Steve can serve it up to you fresh and hot! Maybe even crank up their disco ball and turn it into a carnival party, without the House of Horrors or the Freakshow!

    You can’t go wrong with Popcorn for your Twin Cities wedding day!

    I mean, Everyone loves popcorn, right?

    And if they don’t, can you really trust’em? Would you really want them messing up your special day?

    What??? Your MOM doesn’t like popcorn? Really?

            Just sit her next to Cousin Eddie…

     If you’re lucky enough to live in the Twin Cities of Saint Paul or Minneapolis, hire the best: 

    Payshee’s Popcorn!

    Give us a shout and let’s have a conversation about wedding popcorn!